Sunday, August 31, 2014

Class P1 – Multihulls

Class P2 – PHRF

Class P3 – Sport Boat

Class P4 – PHRF

Class P5 – San Juan 24

Class P6 – Cal 20

Overall Winner

Congratulations to this year’s PITCH Regatta overall winner Burr Hope and crew sailing a Cal 20 named deja vu. This was a bonus for Burr and his crew as they also took overall honors for the 2014 Cal 20 District Championships which were sailed as part of this year’s PITCH Regatta. For the Overall Winner results click here.

Kelly O’Neil Trophy Winner

Congratulations to team Tumbling Black Vitesticles consisting of Tumbleweed, Blackfoot and Vitesse from Bellingham Yacht Club for winning this year’s Kelly O’Neil Trophy. For the Kelly O’Neil results click here.

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